• MK-EV0



    The new air cooled refrigeration plant MK Evo Pro units are based on over 40 years of experience in refrigeration and modern technologies, both in terms of design in the use of modern materials.

    They are modular units designed to cool industrial water ( water temperature controllers ) or other fluids in factory production lines. For the MK Evo Pro their operation is within a completely closed function, with fluid circulation between the chiller and the MK Evo Pro FT open-loop usage funtion.
    Power is from 11 to 395 kW. They provide water at an optimal temperature, adjustable at will and constant usage, ensuring a continuous flow with stable flow and pressure. Elimination of all the problems that usually arise when using open circuit cooling with escaping water, such as of calcification, deposits of microflora (algae) and chemical attack due to the acidity of the water; also eliminating the problem of thermal pollution no longer having to download anything into the drainage system.

    Finally, permitting the operation of machinery without any dependence on an external water supply, without fuel and therefore ecologically perfect. All coolers in the standard version of the MK Evo Pro series are designed for outdoor or indoor installation and can operate with ambient temperatures of between -10 C to + 45°C and provide chilled fluids with temperatures ranging from -8°C to + 20°C. On request there are systems for higher and lower temperatures. The air-cooled chillers offer, alongside the production of cold water a continuous stream of warm air leaving the condenser by powerful centrifugal fans, and this properly channeled , can be used as a source of heating in winter and as a heat extractor in the summer. All MKN series chillers are equipped with an internal insulated storage tank, automatic filling filling tank, air vent from the water distribution pipes and a centrifugal pump for delivery use. All groups are made in modular version such as to permit the parallel connection of multiple units of different power capacities to increase the overall power, whilst each preserving complete independence. Cooling units are made with semi-hermetic compressors or screw compressors or magnetic compressors.


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