• MK EVO PRO ADIABATIC adibaticdiagram



    An adiabatic system is a system that draws warm air through water-moistened pads. As the water in the pads evaporates, the air is chilled and pushed through the cooling fins It can cool the air temperature drop up to +2°F over the humid bulb. Adiabatic Cooling reduce energy consumption and prevent contamination of process fluid, while maintaining stable leaving fluid temperatures even in hot weather. Process fluid circulates in a closed loop through tubing , so it is isolated from contamination and evaporation.  An application-specific programmable logic controller (PLC) and electronically commutated fans ensure minimal electrical power is used during the process. Smart-fan technology varies speed to minimize energy consumption when the tower is under partial load. The PLC also precisely controls when the adiabatic process is required to maintain accurate leaving fluid temperature and reducing water use. The process circuit is a closed-loop. All of the evaporation and water consumed in the adiabatic process is external to the process loop, so process fluid contamination and unwanted build-up in mold-cooling channels is eliminated. The closed process loop also allows an ethylene-glycol mix to be used in place of water, which helps prevent freezing during cold weather.


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