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    The implementation of refrigeration centres series Free Cooling MKN FC is accompanied with TC thermo convector batteries for the cooling. Under suitable ambiental temperatures water for the industrial process can be provided using ambiental air. The thermconvectors TC, in contrast to the cooling towers can always function with air temperatures to below the wet bulb temperature and can be used in oil coolers in hydraulic units, gas, condensation, or more widely fluids where the ambient air temperature is close to the required temperature usage.

    It is evident that the energy savings – and thereby economically advantageous - are very high, since the electricity consumed is only by the axial fans in producing cold water in a closed cycle, consumption very different from compressors used in the refrigeration cycle, and with lower initial purchase costs, while maintaining the advantages of a closed cycle plant. Eliminating all the problems that typically arise when using open circuit - cooling with escaping water and ensuing limestone deposits, microflora (algae), aggressive chemicals due to the acidity of the water. Moreover eliminating the problem of thermic pollution no longer having to download anything into the groundwater or sewerage system. Finally, permitting the operation of machinery without any dependence on an external water supply and therefore ecologically perfect.


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