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    The AK Evo Pro series cold air generators are machines that are completely assembled and tested in the factory and each comprise a refrigerating compressor, a gas condenser that can be cooled by air or water (in the AK Evo Pro series) and a water heat exchangers with aluminium fins expanded onto a copper pipe. The cold air is delivered at a controlled and constant temperature and its range of adjustment varies from 20°C to 25°C below the inlet air temperature.
    Its automatic control makes it possible to increase production by an estimated 10% to 30% when used, for example, in blows film production. As well as in film extrusion plants, this range of machines can be profitably used for any other application requiring constant and modulated regulation of the cold air together with a high pressure. Each unit is supplied with all the control and safety devices needed to ensure its correct operation.

    Scam series water heat exchangers

    These heat exchangers are used in combination with the MK Evo pro series chillers to supply cold air where required. The advantage of using these heat exchangers is that a large number of units can be connected to a single chiller unit for supplying different production lines at different temperatures. Each unit is supplied with:
    - inlet and outlet air ducts made of galvanised sheet steel
    - piping connections for water inlet and outlet
    - three-way thermostatic valve for close temperature control
    - air temperature gauge at outlet
    - base frame support with condensation and drainage collection tank drop separator.


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